CNA Training in Wisconsin

cna training in WisconsinIf you consider CNA training in Wisconsin, you can be sure to have chosen a great career path in an industry well-known for offering excellent and secure jobs in the field of nursing.

These days, employment opportunities for qualified nursing staff are fast growing, especially the so called entry-level positions like employment for certified nurse aides.

This occupation allows you to enter the medical field by requiring only a modest period of training. Starting in healthcare by signing up for a training program in Wisconsin could be a future-proof way for you to begin a rewarding career in an industry with great further training opportunities.

CNA training in Wisconsin is available at technical colleges, long-term care and nursing facilities, the Red Cross, and community colleges. State approved CNA training programs are required to provide at least a total of one hundred and twenty training hours (including a minimum of thirty-two hours of clinical training).

As soon as you have accomplished your training course in Wisconsin, you are entitled to apply for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Examination (NNAAP), overseen by Pearson VUE.

This certified nurse aide exam has two parts, a written or oral part (seventy multiple-choice questions) as well as a skills examination (demonstration of five CNA tasks, randomly selected). You need to pass both exam parts within one year of completing your nurse aide training.

You are allowed as many attempts as you wish to pass this test within that one-year period of time before you have to re-take another training program in order to become eligible for testing again. After graduating, you will be issued with a CNA certificate and listed on the state’s nurse aide registry.

You must renew your CNA license biannually by proofing a minimum of eight paid hours nurse aide work (in a health care setting supervised by a RN or LPN) during the previous twenty-four months. If you are from outside of Wisconsin, you can apply for your license being transferred to this state (has to be valid and in good standing, your previous certified nursing assistant training and exam must be equal to Wisconsin’s requirements, and you need to provide a clean criminal background check).

Considering a short period of training as well as just a modest financial commitment, choosing CNA training in Wisconsin can become the starting point of an exciting healthcare career, which can easily lead to other more specialized employment opportunities in nursing with some further training. An annual nurse aide salary is between $19,750 and $33,320 on average.

WI Nurse Aide Registry
WI Department Health Services
Division of Quality Assurance
Office of Caregiver Quality
P.O. Box 2969
Madison, WI 53701-2969
Phone: 608-261-8319
Registry Managed by Pearson VUE
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3785
Phone: 877-329-8760
Wisconsin CNA Registry
Approved CNA Training in Wisconsin
Pearson VUE

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