CNA Training in West Virginia

If you choose a CNA training in West Virginia, it could become your first step for future career opportunities in the field of nursing.
cna training in West Virginia
After graduating, this state offers great options for further training, which can lead to become a LPN or RN.

cna training in west virginiaCNA training in West Virginia is available through community colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, high schools, technical schools as well as independent programs.

Approved nurse aide training programs must at least contain a total of one hundred and twenty training hours (including a minimum sixty-five hours classroom and fifty-five hours clinical training).

written certified nurse aide examAll students must submit a criminal background check. Once you have passed your training class, you can apply to sit the certified nursing assistant competency evaluation in West Virginia.

This exam is managed by Professional Health Care Development, LLC.

This exam consists of a written or oral part (one hundred multiple-choice questions) and a skills test (five randomly selected nurse aide tasks). In cna training in west virginiaWest Virginia you are allowed up to three attempts to pass this test before you must attend another nursing assistant training in order to qualify for examination again.

Once you’ve graduated, you will be registered on the West Virginia nurse aide registry and receive your certificate.

In West Virginia nurse aides are usually known under the term “registered long term care nurse aides” and not “certified nurse aides” like in other states.

cna trainingYour CNA license has to be renewed biyearly by verifying a minimum of eight paid working hours as a nurse aide in an approved setting during the last twenty-four months.

If you’re relocation to West Virginia, you can apply for your license to be transferred to this state’s registry (your license must be valid and in good standing, plus your previous CNA training and exam must be equal to this state’s requirements).

cna salary in west virginiaQuite a few people have started a new career in the healthcare industry. Why not join them by enrolling in a CNA training in West Virginia! Becoming a certified nursing assistant involves just a short training time as well as a quite affordable fee.

Nowadays, only few available employment opportunities offer what you can achieve in the healthcare industry. In the state of West Virginia CNAs can earn between $16,390 and $23,950 on average annually (depending on experience, education, age, job location, and training).

WV Nurse Aide Registry
WV Division of Health and Human Resources
Office of Health Facility Licensure & Certification
408 Leon Sullivan Way
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: 304-558-0050
Fax: 304-558-2515
West Virginia CNA RegistryProfessional Healthcare Development, LLC

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