CNA Training in Utah

cna training in UtahIn this state, the current situation in the healthcare industry is similar to what is experienced all over the US: The demand for nursing personnel is continuously increasing without any change in sight.

Training as a certified nursing assistant provides a great first step to establish an economy-proof as well as rewarding career in the field of nursing.

In Utah, CNA training is usually offered through nursing homes, community colleges, hospitals, and private companies. Approved certified nursing assistant training programs must provide at least a total of eighty training hours (including a minimum of sixteen hours of practical training).

Once you have successfully finished your nursing assistant training in this state, you can apply for the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program Examination (NATCEP).

You must pass both parts of this exam. The written part consists of one hundred multiple-choice questions (75% minimum passing score) while at the skills examination you need to demonstrate five nurse aide tasks (100% passing score).

In the state of Utah, you are allowed three times to pass this exam. After three attempts, you have to enroll once more in a nursing assistant training program to qualify for further testing. After you have completed your exam, you will be added to the state’s CNA registry.

Your CNA license is valid for two years and needs to be renewed afterwards. For your license to remain valid, you have to proof that you have been working as a CNA (or certified nursing assistant related duties) for at least two hundred paid hours in a licensed healthcare facility during the last twenty-four months.

If you have obtained your certificate in a different state, you can transfer it to Utah, provided it is current, valid, and in good standing.

Thinking about the state our current economy is in, to train as a CNA in Utah will allow you to start a new career in one of the few available occupations with excellent future prospects. The annual average CNA salary in this state is between $18,200 and $29,250 depending on age, training, education and job location.

UT Nurse Aide Registry
UT Health Technology Certification Center
Room 2036, 550 E. 300 South
Kaysville, UT 84037
Phone: 801-547-9947
Fax: 801-593-2584
Utah CNA Registry
Approved CNA Training in Utah
Utah State Board of Nursing
Utah Department of Health

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