CNA Training in South Dakota

cna training in South DakotaIf you are looking for an entry position in nursing which doesn’t require a long training time and high course fees, start with CNA training in South Dakota.

Working as a certified nursing assistant is regarded as an ideal entry level employment by many people wanting to establish a new career in healthcare.

In this state, there are many jobs for nurse aides available, and South Dakota provides excellent further training opportunities.

In South Dakota, training classes for CNAs can be accessed at nursing homes, healthcare centers, universities, academies, hospitals, technical schools, and community colleges. In this state, approved training programs have to provide at least a total of seventy-five training hours (including at least sixteen hours of supervised clinical training).

Once you have accomplished your nurse aide training, you are eligible to register for South Dakota’s CNA test. This test is managed by D&S Diversified Technologies.

This test consists of two parts. The written or oral assessment contains seventy-five multiple-choice questions (minimum passing score is 75%), while the skills part requires you to demonstrate five randomly selected nurse aide tasks (75% minimum passing score on each skills task).

If you fail this test three times, you have to enroll once more in a training program in South Dakota before being allowed re-examination. After you have passed your exam, you will be added to South Dakota’s nursing aide registry, and you are allowed to work state-wide as a nurse aide.

Your certificate expires after two years and must be renewed (you need to have worked as a CNA for a minimum of eight paid hours during the last twenty-four months). If you want to register by endorsement from another state registry, you need to complete an application form and submit it to the South Dakota Board of Nursing, Department of Health.

Your application must include proof of the successful completion of your former state-approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program, a verification of your initial CNA registry listing as well as of the certified nursing assistant registry of the state of your most recent employment, and documentation of your nurse aide employment within the last twenty-four months.

No doubt, certified nursing assistants will continue to be in high demand. Therefore, beginning a new as well as rewarding career by considering a training as a nurse aide in this state is certainly a wise decision, which will definitely be a first step towards many excellent further future job opportunities the healthcare industry has on offer. The annual CNA income in South Dakota is between $17,150 and $28,960 on average.

SD Nurse Aide Registry
SD Board of Nursing
4305 South Louise Avenue, Suite 201
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-3115
Phone: 605-362-2760
Fax: 605-362-2768
South Dakota CNA Registry
D&S Diversified Technologies
South Dakota Board of Nursing
Approved CNA Training in South Dakota

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