Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Ohio

cna training in OhioAre you looking for a new challenge? Consider entering CNA training in Ohio. This relative small investment can become your first step in the field of healthcare, which can even develop further into a rewarding and future-proof career.

The state of Ohio offers great training opportunities for people wanting to work in nursing.

In Ohio training classes for nursing aides are most commonly offered at community colleges, vocational and technical schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and through independent programs.

State-approved training programs must provide at least a total of seventy-five training hours (including a minimum sixteen hours clinical).

As soon as you have accomplished your course, you can apply for the nurse aide certification exam, administered by D & S Diversified Technologies.

This exam consists of a written or oral part (79 multiple-choice questions, 80% minimum passing score) and a skills evaluation (five randomly selected CNA tasks, 80% minimum passing score). You need to retake a training program in Ohio if you fail the exam three times.

Once you have finished this test successfully, you will be registered with the Ohio certified nursing assistant registry.

Every two years your certificate has to be renewed by proofing that you were employed as a CNA for a minimum of 7.5 or eight paid hours (in a forty-eight-hour period) during the last twenty-four months.

If you are relocating to Ohio, you can apply for being registered by reciprocity, provided your license is current, valid, and in good standing.

Consider enrolling in a CNA training in Ohio as a first step towards a promising career in the healthcare industry. This is an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed and which could surely lead to excellent well-paid positions in nursing through additional training. Nurse aides in Ohio earn on average between $18,090 and $31,220 per annum.

OH Nurse Aide Registry
OH Department of Health
246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-2412
Verification: (outside OH): 614-752-9500
Verification (OH Residents only): 800-582-5908
Fax: 614-564-2461
Ohio CNA Registry
Ohio Board of Nursing
Ohio Department of Health
D & S Diversified Technologies

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