CNA Training in New Mexico

cna training in New MexicoLike most other states of the US, New Mexico has to cope with a steady increasing aged population needing more health care. However, this will also create more opportunities for people seeking employment in this industry.

Given that starting as a CNA is widely considered as an ideal first step, which can lead to a further successful nursing career in the future, it might be worth enrolling in a CNA training in New Mexico.

State approved training programs for CNAs are usually available through vocational and technical schools, community colleges, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, and universities.

Approved training has to provide at least a total of seventy-five hours of training (including a minimum of sixteen hours of practical training). In this state, the New Mexico Department of Health is responsible for approving nurse aide training programs.

To be eligible for enrolling in a training course, most facilities require a minimum age of eighteen years, high school diploma or equivalent, a criminal background check, and a TB test.

After having passed your CNA training in New Mexico with success, you need to apply for the Competency Exam. The New Mexico Nurse Aide Competency Exam is administered by Prometric, which is also responsible for maintaining the Nurse Aide Registry.

This test consists of a written (or oral) part as well as a clinical skills test. You are allowed to take the test in any order. The test fees are $105 (written and clinical) or $115.50 (oral and clinical). The Written test consists of 60 multiple choice questions while the skills part requires you to perform five randomly selected tasks.

Once you have passed your certified nursing assistant exam, your name will be added to the New Mexico CNA registry, and your certificate will be mailed to you. In case you failed this exam, you can retake the test up to three times within a time period of twenty-four months.

Your nurse aide certification is valid for two years and needs then to be renewed to remain active. For renewal you have to verify that you have been working as a CNA for at least eight paid hours within the last 24 months.

If you have obtained your certification in another state, you can apply for reciprocity provided your license is current, valid, and in good standing order.

Nowadays, more and more people are considering starting a new rewarding and exciting career in the healthcare industry. The trend for job growth for nurse aide and related employment is predicted to remain positive through the coming years in this state, making it attractive enrolling now in a CNA training program in New Mexico.

The average salary for certified nursing assistants in New Mexico is between $17,020 and $34,410 annually, depending on experience, age, training as well as employment location.

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New Mexico Nurse Aide Registry

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