CNA Training in Iowa

cna training in IowaIf you are looking for employment nowadays, which is not just secure but also gives you a great chance for further development, and you happen to be located in the Midwest, considering CNA training in Iowa would be a smart move.

In this state, CNA training is provided through various facilities. If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to either enroll yourself in a training program or be sponsored by your employer to take the training course.

Iowa requires that a training course must consist of a total of 75 hours training minimum (including at least 30 hours of clinical as well as 16 hours of classroom and lab training). This training has to be state-approved, meeting Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals’ (Health Facilities Division) stipulations.

After that, you have to take the competency test, provided by a testing site (usually the community colleges). The first part is a written exam of 70 questions, and you need to achieve a passing grade of at least 70 percent. This is followed by a skills assessment test, where you will be required to perform the practical tasks you have learned.

After you have completed a training program and passed both parts of the competency test, your name will be automatically placed on the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry. CNAs do not receive a license in Iowa and will be issued a 6-digit ID number instead.

CNA Certification Fees:

  • Application: $0.00.
  • Renewal: $0.00.
  • Exam: $15 – $45.
  • CNA Training: $150.00 (minimum).

If you are working in a certified nursing home you are not required to pay a fee for training, it will usually be met by your employer.

To keep your license active, you are required to work as a CNA at certified Long Term Care facilities like nursing homes, skilled care facilities, and skilled or swing bed units in a hospital for a minimum of a eight consecutive hour shift within a twenty-four month period of time.

This is the only way to keep your license active in Iowa. Further education or volunteer work does not count.

If your license has been obtained in another state, you can transfer it by requesting an Iowa DCW Registry application form.

Enrolling in an accredited CNA training in Iowa will will help you to move forward in establishing a successful healthcare career. The outlook for CNAs in this state is excellent offering a bright and stable future for people wanting to help others.

The annual salary for certified nursing assistants in this state ranges between $19,340 and $30,110 on average.

Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry
Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals
Health Facilities Division
Lucas State Office Building
Des Moines, IA 50319-0083
Phone: 515-281-4077, 515-281-0108
Fax: 515-281-6259
Iowa Board of Nursing

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