CNA Training in Indiana

cna training in IndianaIf you are looking for a career as a certified nursing aide or assistant, enrolling in a CNA training program in Indiana is considered to be a good starting point.

State-approved classes for nursing aides are offered through nursing homes, technical schools, hospitals and academies, community colleges, independent programs, and long-term care facilities.

A training course must provide 105 hours of training, approved by the Indiana State Department of Health. Seventy-five hours should be for supervised clinical experience (including a minimum of 16 hours of directly supervised practical training), and thirty hours of classroom training.

Once you have successfully completed your CNA training course (approved by the state of Indiana), you can then apply for taking an exam.

In Indiana this exam will be carried out through the Ivy Tech University. An exam consists of a written and a clinical skills test.

To qualify for certification you must pass both parts of this test. To qualify for sitting a CNA exam you need to enclose in your application the original Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation application completed by your training facility, a Letter of Request (including address, name, phone number, a request to be tested, and dates to avoid when scheduling testing), plus the appropriate testing fee.

CNA exam fees:

  •  Written (or oral) test and skills evaluation: $75.
  •  Retake of written or skill evaluation): $65.
  •  Retake of both exam parts: $75.
  •  Non appearance fee: full loss of fee.
  •  Dismissal due to inappropriate behavior: full loss of fee.
  •  Returned check: $25 service charge.
  •  Replacement of documentation: $15 per request.
  •  Search and retrieval of archived documents: $55/hour.

To keep your license alive, you need to prove that you have been employed as a certified nursing assistant on a salary for at least eight hours during the last twenty-four months (otherwise you will lose your certification and need to retake training and examination).

If you would like to transfer a license, obtained in another state, to Indiana, your current license must be active and in good standing, plus you need to have worked at least one 8-hour shift within the past 24 months in that state.

There are quite a few CNA training facilities available in Indiana, and the outlook for future employment is good.

In Indiana, the average annual income for certified nursing assistants is between around $17,670 and $30,240.

Indiana Nurse Aide Registry
Indiana State Department of Health
Division of Long Term Care
2 N Meridian Street, Section 4B
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-233-7442, 317-233-1325
Fax: 317-233-7750
Ivy Tech Community College
CNA Training Sites in Indiana
Indiana Department of Health Services
Indiana State Board of Nursing

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