CNA Training in the State of Connecticut

cna training in ConnecticutIn the US, a steadily growing number of elderly people creates a continuous demand for healthcare professionals. One excellent starting point for a rewarding career in this industry would be beginning to work as a certified nursing assistant.

Enrolling in a CNA training in Connecticut will enable you to take advantage of all the good career opportunities this state has to offer.

CNA Training Requirements in Connecticut:

  •  High school diploma or GED.
  •  Complete an approved CNA program with success.
  •  Pass the Connecticut competency exam.
  •  Pass a criminal background check.

In Connecticut, training is provided by high schools, community colleges, nursing homes, technical and vocational schools, nursing homes, private schools, colleges and The Red Cross.

A few facilities offer even free classes, provided you are willing to sign a contract to work there after graduating. Approved training programs must contain a minimum of 100 hours of training (a minimum of 75 hours classroom training and 25 hours clinical).

Once you have successfully completed a state-approved training program, you need to pass the state competency exam within twenty-four months from completion of the CNA class in order to be certified on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry. The competency exam consists of a written as well as a skills part.

Your certification is valid for 24 months. Then you have to renew your license by verifying that you have been employed on a minimum one 8-hour shift on salary within the two years period of time since your original issue date.

Next, the required form has to be completed by your employer and be sent to the Nurse Registry. If you have not been employed for the required paid hours within the above mentioned period of time since the original date of issue, you have to pass the competency exam again.

If you have your license obtained in another state you can transfer this license to the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry, provided your license is active without any recorded abuse or neglect.

It is no secret that most the new jobs nowadays will be created in the healthcare industry. Because certified nursing assistants are in high demand in this state, it is a good time starting a healthcare career by enrolling in a CNA training in Connecticut.

The annual nurse aide salary is between about $23,600 and $38,150 on average.

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Division of Health Systems Registry
410 Capitol Ave MS# 12 MQA
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308
Phone: 860-509-7596
Fax: 860-509-7607

Registry Managed by Prometric
CT CNA Program
1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 866-499-7485
Fax: 800-813-6670
Approved CNA Training Programs in Connecticut
The Connecticut Department of Public Health – Nurse Aide Registration
Connecticut State Nurse Aide Registry
Connecticut Nurses Association

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