All You Need to Know About CNA Training in California!

cna training in CaliforniaBesides Alaska, California has the highest job growth rate for CNAs. Considering this plus the usually warm weather and great beaches, it might be a good idea thinking about taking up CNA training in California if a career in the healthcare industry is your choice.

CNA Training Requirements in California:

  •  Minimum age of 16 years.
  •  Successfully complete a state-approved nurse aide training program.
  •  Pass a two part NNAAP Examination.
  •  Provide a physical exam report.
  •  A clean criminal background check.
  •  A fingerprint report.

State-approved training programs are available in California through nursing homes, hospitals, high schools technical and vocational schools, academies, the Red Cross and community colleges.

All approved classes are required to provide at least 150 hours of training (50 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of clinical training).

After completing the state-approved nurse aide training program with success, you can now apply for the NNAAP examination. This test has two parts, a written examination and a skills evaluation. The fee for this examination is $90. In case you fail this test, you are allowed three attempts within two years after successfully completing a training program to pass both parts of the NNAAP examination.

If you do not pass within a two-year period, you will be required to re-train before being allowed to take the examination again. If you pass the examination, your name will be placed on the California Nursing Assistant Registry.

Your certification is valid for 24 months from the date you passed your exam. For renewing your license you need to pay attention to some requirements: You must have worked on a  salary as a CNA performing nursing related services for at least eight consecutive hours during 24 months prior to your certification expiration date, and you have to submit proof of 48 hours of either in-service training or continuing education.

If you are a coming from another state, you may qualify for certification without taking any training or competency exam in California, provided your CNA certification is active and in good standing on the other state’s registry.

You need to send the following to ATCS: A filled out verification form CDPH 931 (completed by the endorsing state agency and yourself), verification of any CNA work within the last two years (if you have received your initial certificates from another state in the last 24 months, this is not applicable), a completed application form (hs 283b), and a copy of the completed “Request for Live Scan Form” (BCII 8016). You must wait now until you move to California to obtain fingerprints through this method.

Due to a shortage of certified nursing assistants in this state, the outlook finding a decent employment after having finished a training program for nursing aides in California is excellent.

The average salary for CNAs is between $19,900 and $37,840 annually.

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CNA Training Programs in California

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