All the Important Facts About CNA Training in Arkansas!

cna training in ArkansasNowadays, our healthcare facilities have to cope with an aging population and a growing number of patients. Therefore, it’s no surprise that CNAs are in great demand throughout the United States, and Arkansas makes no exception.

If you have always wanted to work in an industry that gives you an opportunity to help and care for people in your community, think about enrolling in a CNA training in Arkansas.

CNA Training Requirements in Arkansas:

  •  Minimum age of 18 years.
  •  High school diploma or GED.
  •  No criminal record.
  •  Successfully complete a state approved training course.
  •  Pass Arkansas’ certification exam.

Classes in Arkansas have to provide at least 90 hours of a state approved training program (minimum 75 hours of lecture plus a minimum of 15 hours of supervised clinical training). Accredited classes can be found at colleges, technical schools, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, academies and colleges.

In Arkansas there is also some free training available, offered by various healthcare facilities and nursing homes, provided you accept employment with them after graduation.

Next, after having completed your training program with success, you can now apply for the state certification exam. This test consists of a written and a skills or practical part. You are allowed up to three opportunities to successfully complete the examination within twelve months. After three failed attempts you need to do re-training.

Once you have completed this competency examination successfully, you will be placed on the CNA registry and receive a state certificate. If you are employed by a Medicaid certified nursing facility or have a later job commitment in a Medicaid certified nursing facility, you don’t need to pay the test fee.

Your CNA certification is valid for 24 months, and each certificate contains an expiration date. It has to be renewed on a biennial basis (every two years). To be eligible for renewing you must proof that you have been employed as a nursing assistant on a salary during the prior two years.

If you relocate from another state to Arkansas, you are allowed to transfer an active license without further training or testing by considering some requirements: Having completed a training and competency evaluation program and become a registered nursing assistant in another state that meets federal guidelines, and submitting a DMS-798, Interstate Transfer Form, to the OLTC (Office of Long Term Care) with a copy of the other state’s certificate/registration document.

Taking up CNA training in Arkansas will open you a great opportunity for starting an excellent career in the healthcare industry. Rising numbers of people taking up retirement as well as an increasing aging population in general suggest more demand for certified nursing assistants in the near future (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US).

In Arkansas the average wage for CNAs is between $16,500 and $25,320.

Arkansas Department of Human Services
Nurse Aide Registry Office of Long-Term Care
P.O. Box 8059 slot 405 Little Rock Arkansas 72203-8059
501-682-8484 fax 501-682-8551
Arkansas’ Nurse Aide Registry

Registry Managed by:
1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 800-818-8917
Fax: 800-813-6670
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