All You Must Know About Training for CNAs in Arizona!

cna training in ArizonaIf you wish to start a career in healthcare, think about CNA training in Arizona. Arizona is one of the US 10 biggest states.

Although Arizona’s population is not much dense, there is a noticeably large number of older people in this state, and recent surveys suggest that requirement for healthcare professionals will increase in the coming years.

CNA Training Requirements in Arizona:

  •  Minimum age of 18 years.
  •  Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  •  Successfully complete an Arizona state-approved nurse aide training program.
  •  Pass a written and skill Arizona certification exam.

Training in Arizona requires a 120 hour CNA program (including classroom study plus several hours of clinical training) approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Appropriate classes can be found at community colleges, nursing facilities, hospitals, technical schools and independent programs.

There are several high schools offering training programs to their students allowing them to work as certified nursing assistants  after graduation.

After having successfully completed your CNA training program, you can now apply for Arizona’s certification test. The exam used will be the Arizona Nursing Assistant Competency & Evaluation Program, carried out by D&S Diversified Technologies.

You need to complete both, an application for Certified Nursing Assistant by Exam/Endorsement to be mailed to the Arizona State Board of Nursing as well as an application for Certified Nursing Assistant Examination to be mailed to the D&S Diversified Technology Testing Company along with the exam fee.

Once you have passed this exam, you can then apply for being registered (in writing or online) at Arizona’s Nurse Aide Registry considering following requirements: Verifying that you have successfully completed an accredited CNA training program in the state of Arizona, having passed the state certification exam and submitting a fingerprint card for a criminal background check.

After being registered you are allowed to practice as a CNA throughout the state of Arizona.

Your certificate needs to be renewed every 2 years. You will be mailed a pre-printed re-certification form approximately two or three months prior to the expiration date. Requirements for renewal are: You need to have worked as a nursing assistant a minimum of 160 hours within the past 2 years, no record of any felony convictions, enclose documentation of citizenship or nationality, send the filled out form including the documents and fees to the address shown in the form.

If you are an approved nursing aide and have relocated to Arizona from another state, you have to get in touch with the Arizona Nurse Aide Registry to get a transfer/reciprocity form. Next, you must fill out the form with the required information, and submit it with documentations and fees by mail.

Reciprocity requirements are: Giving proof that you are listed as an active CNA, and that you are either being employed as a certified nursing assistant at present or that you have completed a state training program and passed the state exam.

Considering the fairly minimal period of time needed for a CNA training in Arizona, this could be an ideal way for entering the rapidly developing field of healthcare. This industry is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next years.

With a salary range between $17,950 and $34,690 annually there is definitely a bright job perspective for certified nursing assistants in Arizona.

AZ Nurse Aide Registry
AZ State Board of Nursing
Nurse Aide Registration Program
4747 North 7th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, Arizona 85014-3653
Phone: 602-771-7800
Fax: 602-771-7888
ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING – Approved CNA Training in Arizona
Arizona Nurse Aide Registry

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