Is it Difficult to Complete CNA Training in Alaska Successfully?

cna training in alaskaThe state of Alaska would be a good place to take up a CNA training when considering a career in healthcare. Alaska has a higher demand for Certified Nursing Assistants or Aides than any other US state.

Sure, Alaska’s population is far lower than in other states because of certain weather and terrain specific conditions. However, the people will still age and need care providers, creating an excellent opportunity compared to other US states.

CNA Training Requirements in Alaska:

  •  Minimum age of 18 years.
  •  Being in good physical shape.
  •  Complete an Alaska state-approved training program for CNAs.
  •  Pass both, a written and skill exam successfully.

You have to enter a state approved training program. Training classes in Alaska are available at technical and vocational schools and colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, medical centers and state universities. Some programs require a high school diploma or GED. However, there are a few colleges and institutions that also accept high school students to undergo the program.

If you can’t show any high school education, you may still enroll in a CNA training program, provided you pass a test like the ABLE test or Accuplacer. A typical training involves a minimum of 60 hours of classroom instruction and 80 clinician hours of supervised clinical practice.

After completing a CNA training program, you can take the certification exam. You need to fill out an “Application for Certified Nurse Aide by Exam” form, submit a fingerprint card, a passport size photo, the license/exam fees, and verify that you have graduated from a state approved training course in Alaska within two years immediately prior to the date of application.

Once you are informed that the application has been approved, you are eligible to take the exam. The exam involves two parts, a written and a skills test. As soon as you are certified, you are entitled to employment in Alaska’s various healthcare facilities.

License/Exam Fees:

  •  $50 Application fee, which is nonrefundable.
  •  $120 Certification.
  •  $50 Examination fee.
  •  $59 Fingerprint processing fee.

CNA certificates will expire every March 31 of even-numbered years no matter when a certificate was issued and need to be renewed. If a new certificate was issued within 90 days of the renewal date, expiration will be effective at the next biennial period. When it’s time to re-certify, CNAs will be notified by the Alaska Nurse Aide Registry.

In case a license has expired, certified nursing assistants need to go through the training program and exam again in order to be allowed to continue working in the healthcare industry.

If you have your license obtained in another US state or Canada, you need to submit an “Application for Certified Nurse Aide by Endorsement” by taking into consideration certain Alaska’s requirements: Giving proof of completion of a state accredited training, providing a current and valid unencumbered certification from a US state or a province of Canada, and verifying the successful completion of a Nurse Aide competency evaluation, meeting Alaska’s regulations.

After having finished your CNA training in Alaska successfully, the outlook for a further healthcare career is excellent with very high employment opportunities (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor); and Alaska’s typical annual wage of about $34,704 is significantly more than the US average.

Many CNAs have continued their training to become RNs or Licensed Practical Nurses or have moved into the business administration and management side of healthcare.

Licensing Authority
Alaska Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development
Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing
Nurse Aide Registry
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1500
Anchorage, AK 99501
phone: (907) 269-8169
fax: (907) 269-8196
State of Alaska Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs
Board of Nursing
Pearson Vue

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