What are the Important Training Details for CNAs in Alabama?

cna training in alabamaStarting as a CNA can be a great first step leading further to a successful healthcare career.

Certified Nursing Assistants or Aides can find employment in many different medical locations like nursing homes, hospitals or mental health facilities. In most cases, all the training you need to be eligible for any of these nurse aide  jobs is more or less the same.

Then again, requirements for CNA certification differ from one state to another. Let’s have a look what you need to think about when considering enrolling in a training course in Alabama.

CNA Training Requirements in Alabama:

  •  Minimum age of 16 years.
  •  Complete a state-approved training for CNAs along with a Competency Evaluation Program.
  •  Pass a written and practical state-administered exam successfully.
  •  Being listed with the Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry.

State-approved training programs can be found in Alabama at state universities, hospitals, nursing facilities, private colleges, technical schools, the Red Cross and more. However, for enrolling in a class a high school diploma or GED is not needed. Typically, it takes about 75 to 80 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of clinical training in order to complete a nurse aide program.

Next you have to successfully pass a two-part test before you can register with the Nurse Aid Registry. From then on you are permitted to work in Alabama as a CNA. The exam consists of a written as well as a skilled part.

In case you fail, you can take your test again for up to three times within a 24-month period of time. After that time you have to enroll again in a training program approved by the state of Alabama.

To keep your certification alive, you need to verify that you have been employed either in a nursing home, home health agency, hospital, hospice agency or mental health facility for at least 8 hours every 24 months. Please be aware that volunteer work does not count.

If you have obtained your certification in another state, you are able to transfer your license by considering Alabama’s particular regulations: Your license needs to be active without any negative record, and you also must be employed in a nursing home.

Even if you actually want to work, for example, in a hospital you must show employment in a nursing home first before the state of Alabama will accept another state’s license.

In the future years an increasing demand for CNAs is expected throughout the US, due to a growing number of aged Americans. Subsequently, employment for CNAs, nursing aides, etc. will grow faster than the average for all occupations, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast.

The outlook for Alabama is good with an average salary of between $15,700 and $25,300. Therefore, when thinking of starting a career in healthcare, this is a good time considering a nurse aide training in Alabama.

AL Certified Nurse Aide Registry
AL Department of Public Health
Division of Health Care Facilities
The RSA Tower, Suite 600
201 Monroe Street Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: 334-206-5169
Fax: 334-206-5219
Website: http://www.adph.org/
Alabama Board of Nursing – http://www.abn.state.al.us/
Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry
Alabama Nurse Aides testing information kit

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