CNA Training – Opening Doors to Different Opportunities

Over the years, healthcare has become a thriving profession across most countries in the world. Despite the hastened progress of health-centered technology and equipment, the demand for nurses, physical therapists, and even Certified Nursing Assistants have remained. The reason for this can be pointed to the increase in the aging population in many countries.

cna trainingWhile countries like Japan, Canada and Australia have a minimal population growth rate, the number of their senior citizens increase; thus, their need for health aides and CNAs also increased.

The need to assist the elderly in their daily activities, such as bathing and ambulation, as well as the requirement of hospitals for more nurse aides to assist their nurses and orderlies in mobilizing and monitoring their patients have made the CNA field a very lucrative endeavor for anyone who wishes to take on a decent paying job without having to undergo years of training and education.

Why CNA?

With the global health situation today, CNA training is one of the better choices for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the field of healthcare.

cna helping a patientFirst, requirements for nurses in most hospitals in the country and even abroad have already been filled to the brim. However, the demand for nursing assistants has not, and hospitals have a bigger need for them more than nurses nowadays.

In fact, not only hospitals, but nursing homes have also increased their demand for CNAs, given the rise of their in-house patients.

Furthermore, families with elderlies or disabled members are also looking for nursing assistants to take care and watch over their sick family members. With the lack of a steady supply of nursing aides, the demand has increased so much that the salary has grown to be very competitive. For someone who is looking for a high-paying job but requires only minimal training, becoming a CNA would definitely be a smart choice.

certified nursing assistant writing testSecond, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant does not require intensive studies and training. Unlike taking up a nursing course, which takes around four years to complete, or taking up Medicine, that takes around eight, becoming a CNA only requires around a semester of training.

The course just focuses on the basics of healthcare such as how to take basic vital signs, how to move the patient, and how to administer basic medicines.

This takes away years of expenses and extra study that one hoping to get into the medical field has to undergo, and yet it allows the person to be in the same field that those who have undergone years of training have.

While becoming a nursing assistant does not need intensive training and in-depth knowledge of the human health, a high level of manual dexterity as well as excellent interpersonal skills are required.

Becoming a CNA requires the ability to develop a close and cordial relationship with patients, and also training in the fields of body mechanics, anatomy, nutrition and even psychology.

Does CNA training have to be taken in a University?

The answer to that is no. Nurse aide training does not necessarily have to be taken in a university. In fact, most individuals prefer to earn their certification in a training center rather than in a university. This is because of the obvious reasons.

certified nursing assistant trainingA reason would be cost. It is cheaper to undergo training for CNA in a training center compared to a university because all one has to pay for is training and equipment cost. You see, university programs include other miscellaneous expenses and even library use in their fees.

Training centers, on the other hand, only require payment for the entire training program and the equipment used in training. This would save a student hundreds of dollars.

Second, there is no need to take other unnecessary courses. Courses in a university usually have minor subjects taken on the side of the major subjects in order to complete a normal student load. This does not only mean saving extra money, but extra time as well.

Training centers charge only for the entire training program that lasts just for a few months. They only tackle lessons that are directly related to the field; therefore, the student is able to take up the subjects that he knows would be necessary for the practice of the craft in real life.

Does being a CNA involve only taking care of patients both at home and in the hospital?

A good thing about CNA training is that they offer training not only for home care but for different fields. Being a certified nursing assistant allows a person to be very flexible in the environment he or she works in. With the training they receive, they are able to work in the different departments in the hospital.

cna doing administrative workFirst, they are trained administratively. This means that they are able to do basic filing and record-keeping. This allows them to be efficient and functioning members of the administrative department of the hospital.

This would be helpful as they have more knowledge in the health field to be familiar with the files they are processing and would be helpful to free nurses, especially during times when there are lots of patients.

They are also allowed inside the wards. Being trained for basic healthcare and mobility, they are able to assist in bathing patients and even take basic vital signs for the nurses and doctors to peruse. Furthermore, they can also assist the orderlies in moving patients and even restrain unruly patients inside the psychiatric wards.

Is there anything else waiting for you after your CNA training?

Yes. The great thing about being a certified nursing assistant, besides being financially competitive, is the wide avenue for further study. For example, if you are unsure of your career in the healthcare industry, you cancna training use this field as your starting point.

If during your practice you discover you’re interested in helping patients move again, you can proceed to study physical therapy.

If you feel you are good in taking care of patients, you can proceed to nursing or even medicine. With this training, you get a chance to take a step into the world of healthcare. After the training, the medical world becomes your oyster.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is taking a field that has a wide array of possibilities. It is very competitive without requiring rigorous training, and yet it has the abilities to open the doors to an endless array of opportunity. Becoming one is not just a choice or a course, it is an investment.

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