CNA Certification – What Are The Requirements?

CNA certification is what you will require if you are serious about taking a big step into the medical field by having a job as a healthcare professional. This certification is the precursor to becoming a CNA.

Simply put, a certification is needed in order to be able to find work as a certified nursing assistant. Please read on to discover just how to obtain your CNA certification in this entry-level medical career.cna certification

This special type of certification is available only by way of taking and then successfully passing a CNA exam. Said test is typically applied for after someone has completed a state-approved nurse aide training program. Usually, a relatively small fee is charged for taking this test.

In general terms, you can expect this CNA certification exam to consist of just two parts, a written or oral portion and also a skills test. Some US states even allow to take the oral exam in Spanish.

The skills part usually involves performing five nurse aide tasks, which are randomly selected from a list of twenty-five nursing skills.

What is required to get a CNA Certification

cna certification

There are a number of CNA requirements for you to get your certification. First and foremost, you actually have to find a training program in which to enroll, which is the starting point of your whole quest to eventually become a certified nursing assistant.

While some training facilities will require a high school diploma or GED, in general it is not essential for enrollment in most states. Additionally, you will also be asked to submit a criminal background check and a fingerprint card.

While still in high school, it is a good idea for you to look into taking specific courses such as math, science and, of course, health. Courses of this type are going to make it easier for you once you have signed up for a CNA training program.

In addition, it might also be a wise choice for you to volunteer your time at either a nursing home or a hospital in order to pick up some of that invaluable, hands-on experience in dealing with patients.

Enrolling in a CNA Certification Program

enrolling in a cna certification program

Enrolling in a certification program is very crucial, and you have to make certain that you find a school that actually provides a state-approved CNA training program. As a rule of thumb, you can generally find a good selection of these courses at locations like nursing homes, long-care facilities, high schools, vocational schools, technical schools, and even community colleges.

When you are enrolled in one of these CNA certification programs, you are going to learn all about the basics of health care and dealing with sick patients. Some examples of the information you will be absorbing as part of this program are general healthcare methods, ethics in medicine, nutrition and diet, physiology and, of course, human anatomy.

Finally, you are also going to be rounded out well, in the sense that you will be learning the basics about things such as first aid treatments, which will include cardio resuscitation.

Furthermore, you can expect to take in oral lessons, clinical lessons and, obviously, exams.

After getting your CNA Certification

cna certification

The path to getting your certification is not that difficult. All it usually takes is a basic school education, the completion of a CNA training program as well as the successful passing of a certification exam, and you are all set to start your new career in the healthcare industry as a certified nursing assistant.

You are probably going to work in a doctor’s office, rehab center, nursing home or perhaps a hospital.

It is also likely that you will even need to retake your CNA certification every few years in order to maintain your license as active.

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