Should You Go From a CNA to an Associate Degree in Nursing?

Do you love what you do as a CNA? Would you like to have more responsibility and make more money – without spending what seems like all eternity in school?

Then think about getting an Associate Degree in Nursing!

cna to adnBeing an ADN nurse means you’ll be a Registered Nurse – meaning you’ll be at the top of the nursing totem pole. You will be responsible for managing LPNs and CNAs. In fact, the only people you’ll report to are the doctors themselves!

Because you’ll be in charge of handling everything from diagnostic tests to treatment procedures, you’ll be a valuable commodity in hospitals, nursing homes and private doctors’ offices.

Why go the Associate Degree route, though?

After all, you may think you will stand out more if you get a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Once you graduate, though, your salary will be very similar to that of a BSN nurse.

However, the best part is  you won’t have to spend four years in school (and probably rack up a ton of debt) to get associate degree in nursingthere!

If you’re really looking to save money, getting your Associate Degree in Nursing online will be much cheaper than signing up for classes at your local community college.

Another money benefit? In case you are already working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you may be able to get tuition reimbursement from your employer. (After all, most facilities are always on the lookout for great RNs, so they’ll oftentimes be willing to pay to train employees that they already know and trust.)

Whether you decide to learn online or in a traditional classroom, pay for school yourself or ask your employer to pay for it, if you’re already working as a nursing assistant, you can become an ADN nurse in about a year.associate degree in nursing

Of course, that will depend on how many of your CNA credits transfer to your ADN program. The better your grades were in CNA training, the more credits you’ll be able to carry with you as you go towards your Associate Degree in Nursing!

In fact, any good ADN program will look at your nurse aide grades just to determine if you should be one of their students. If you got anything below a C in your CNA training classes, expect to have a rough time getting into an ADN program.

And, yes, the standards are just as high for online programs as they are at “traditional” schools!

What about the online process, will you miss out on anything by getting your education online?

No way! Lots of people go from their CNA to their ADN online because they’re already working as a nursing assistant, and they need classes that are flexible with their work schedules.

associate degree in nursingWhile part of your schooling will be hands-on work done in a medical facility, you can spend the first part of your ADN training learning all of the details from e-books, videos and other types of virtual technology.

You won’t skip a beat just because you’re doing it all at home, on your own time!
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In fact, online ADN programs are typically “condensed” – meaning they are designed to teach you all of the material at a faster pace.

So, if you are really in a hurry to get your Associate Degree in Nursing, you will have the ability to do so!

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